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General Information

Collection Site Name:

Amboaboa river - ARS/TR-28/IX/06-1

Also known as Ambomboa river


15° 50’ 00" S

48° 42’ 53" E

901 feet above sea level

Type of Site:


Width at date: 20’

Width at high water: 75-100’

Nearest Village/Town:



Tributary of the Mangarahara river

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Site Details

Water Parameters:

pH: 8.04

Temperature: 78.0°F

Conductivity: 280.0µS


Area is bedrock slicks with deep pockets and fissures with some loose stone

Gravel in patches with some fine sand


No instream vegetation observed

Partial overhead vegetation present in some patches.



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Collection Details

Date/Time Collected:

September 28th, 2006 @ 8:40 a.m.

Collection Methods:

Seine net, dip net, bare hands (by reaching under and into rock fissures Paretroplus nourissati was caught just as quickly as with a seine net).

Species Collected:

Paretroplus nourissati

Sauvagella robusta

Population Numbers:

Six P. nourissati captured in one hour

Approximately forty Sauvagella robusta captured in thirty minutes

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Other Information

General Comments:


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